Written Testimonials

Words cannot describe our heartfelt gratitude for all of the lovely acts of kindness to our family and the wonderful care that you gave our loved one.  You are an awesome team with an awesome facility. - The E. Family from Villa Rica & Savannah


I toured 6 Assisted Living Facilities before I made the decision to have my Aunt come to Ashbrook Village.  The reason that helped me decide on Ashbrook was the cleanliness of the facility, the management and staff was very professional and the private suite and baths.  I really liked the wide and open hallways and all the natural lighting.  Now that my Aunt has been a resident for about a year, I know that I made the right decision because of the great care and love for her.  – Nephew of Resident


A true testimonial for me was seeing the COO and Assistant Director both with family members living at Ashbrook Village.  Thank you to Gary, Tani, Linda, Barb and their entire staff for being so attentive, loving and caring about each and every resident.  I highly recommend coming for a tour if you are considering Ashbrook Village for your loved ones.  You will be impressed with what you find here.  – Daughter of Resident


I’ll have to admit, at first I was very scared about moving into the Independent Living Apartments as Ashbrook.  It was the first time I had lived alone and was totally responsible for myself.  What I found was a wonderful group of people my own age that have become the greatest neighbors anyone could ask for.  They made me feel so welcome.  The grounds are beautiful, the property is well maintained, and I feel very safe here.  – Mrs. P. from New Jersey


When my mother moved into Ashbrook Village, she was totally immobile and unable to care for herself.  She wasn’t speaking and was unresponsive to us.  Once she settled in at Ashbrook, an intimate, assisted living facility, staffed with a compassionate team their first concern is that of their residents; she slowly became herself.  It was amazing!  Within the first week she was up and about, eating on her own and acclimating socially to her new neighbors.  Each week she improved more and more until we had our mother back.  – Mrs. S. from Douglasville


The staff at Ashbrook takes pride in the cleanliness and appearance of the “Village” and it shows.  They ensure my mother is well cared for; mother’s daily living needs and medications are maintained consistently along with keeping her stimulated with fun activities daily.  They encourage participation by all residents which creates a community spirit!  My mother loves the pet therapy, having been a dog owner her whole life!  Her care is very personalized and I feel see is genuinely loved as a member of the Ashbrook family. – Ms. R. from Douglasville


The reason my husband and I moved to the cottages is because we are planning for the future.  Knowing my husband’s health condition, he will one day require an Assisted Living Community and I can continue to live independently while he receives the care he needs from Ashbrook Village Assisted Living.  It will be convenient for me and my entire family. – Mrs. W. from Atlanta


As a child and young adult, my grandmother showed me unconditional love, kindness, patience, and humor.  I have wonderful memories of the great experiences we shared.  Now it is my turn to return the gifts she has given me and provide her with the same essentials in life that she showed me as a child.  Ashbrook Village is a place where my grandmother and I can create new memories and have new experiences with her.  We are blessed to have this community!  - Granddaughter of Ashbrook Village Resident


I participate in a quilting class at Ashbrook Village Senior Community.  Obviously, I’m there quite a bit, and I cannot begin to express how impressed I am with the staff, the facilities, and the residents there.  Speaking as one who is getting older myself; I think I have an idea of the anxiety that an aging individual feels:  What if I get to the point where I need someone to help me?   And, if that time should come, how am I going to feel about leaving my home?  I know that if I should ever need care for myself, I have a place to go where I will feel as if I’m home. That is a comforting feeling for me, just as I know it is for residents who are already there. My grandmother was in a senior-citizens’ home when she became unable to care for herself.  I wish she could have been at Ashbrook.  – Mrs. M. Volunteer at Ashbrook


What has impressed me most about Ashbrook is that it is a place that feels like home.  I do not know if it is an actual goal of the Ashbrook staff to make Ashbrook feel like home. I just know that it does.  Mrs. H. of Villa Rica Red Hat Society


 I am fortunate enough to have a family member call Ashbrook home.  As anyone who has taken care of an aging loved one knows, it can be very difficult, emotional and physically exhausting.  The team at Ashbrook always goes above and beyond their normal duties and makes sure that each and every resident receives the best care possible.  In addition, I know that should I need support emotionally, they are there for me as well.  I couldn’t imagine her being anywhere else.  – Ms. M. Daughter of Ashbrook Resident


Even though the food is prepared in an industrial kitchen, it tastes like “down-home” cooking, and the residents have opportunities to participate in activities that might just as well occur in their actual homes.  For example, on any particular day, one might see a group of residents doing needle point, quilting, playing bridge etc.  I’m glad I was given an opportunity to visit Ashbrook, to become acquainted with the staff, and to make friends with the residents.  It has been a blessing.  – Mrs. M. Visitor at Ashbrook


My father has been living at Ashbrook for almost a year.  Our family is extremely pleased with the professional and friendly staff.  As a family, we come to visit him regularly, and we always feel at home when we visit.  He truly considers Ashbrook Village his home.  – Mr. T. Son of Ashbrook Resident